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What is Active Coach?

Personalised Coaching Packages

Active Coach will deliver you a results-driven programme that we design around your busy schedule. We will then coach and implement your programme here at our Club in Stevenage. Most importantly, as your coaches, we will hold you accountable to your goals.

Nutritional support with Active Coach

The comprehensive nutritional support included in our Active Coach programme includes: A step-by-step system to build the habits you needs to get amazing results, Full initial health and nutrition evaluation, 1-on-1 nutrition appointments tailored to you and your goals!

Semi-private Training Sessions

Semi-private training means that during a coaching session, there are up to four members working with one coach. Each member will still be working on his or her own individualised workout plan. Our coaches are there to guide each person through their workout and provide feedback on form, timings and how much weight to use.

Our Story

Over the last twenty years we have operated dozens of “traditional” gyms,  during which time we have become increasingly frustrated by the fitness industry’s inability to support people in their desire to make long-lasting and sustainable improvements in their health and fitness. As hard as the industry continues to try to deliver fitness, the continuing pressure to offer “more for less cost” has resulted in poor service standards and low profit margins for reinvestment into the Club.

Our vision when creating Active Coach was to offer people more than more than just a “gym”. We knew we needed to create a concept that would provide our members with the most effective tools for success. Active Coach has been created around a very simple concept; people that get coaching get better results – period! With this in mind, we have invested heavily in our staff, who are now amongst the most knowledgeable coaches in the area, we also employ cutting edge training methods, super advanced technology and a clean, state of the art facility.

Our goal over the coming years, is to be comprehensively better than anyone else in the area at delivering health and fitness results; after all, that is why almost everyone joins a gym. To achieve this goal, Active Coach will offer individualised training programmes, so that our clients know exactly what to do as soon as they walk through the doors. This also means we need to provide an intensive learning environment led by intelligent and caring coaches. Most of all, we need to foster a welcoming atmosphere and community that makes everyone feel a sense of belonging.

‘Health is not everything, but without health, everything is nothing’

What People Say

Catherine Sarjeant
Active Coach Client

Active Coach has been really great.  Ryan my coach listened to where I was at and then devised a training plan.  The first week we adapted the plan to what I was able to do when I said some of the stuff was a bit hard, to provide smaller stepping stones.  I will say the…

Nimesh Parmar
Active Coach Client

Active Coach has been great! I have predominantly had my sessions with John Walsh, who is my allocated coach also. But Ryan and Nicky have also played a part in my reconditioning. The sessions are catered towards my goals and I feel I am getting stronger, fitter and healthier. My exercises have been tweaked when…

Pamela Graham
Active Coach Client

Went for first time Thursday morning. Im very self conscious and suffer anxiety but omg this place made me feel welcome and comfortable. Everyone is lovely and no perves here they just get on with there own thing. I really enjoyed training, met couple of people there and trained with them it was amazing left on a high and all i can think about now is when im next going. The gym is a great size Everything you need there and very organised.

Debbie Rose
Active Coach Client

I have been a member for around 9 years now. Although things keep changing it is always for the better and keeps you motivated. With new classes and new machines, this is always good to kick start your body into something different. Made lots of friends over the years and always somebody here I know. Staff are great and everyone really friendly.

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